Types of Massage Therapy

Thai Massage

This healing therapy has been taught, practiced and handed down through generations in Thailand for over 2500 years. The massage combines acupressure and stretching techniques using the therapist’s fingers, thumbs, elbows, arms and feet, allowing the body’s internal energy to flow more freely and alleviating problematic conditions such as lower back pain, arthritis, headaches and stress-related conditions.

60 Min. $70, 90 Min. $100

Swedish Massage

This well-known treatment caters to your specific needs to help relieve the build-up of tension that causes stiff muscles and poor circulation. A firm and invigorating massage using organic massage oil combined with the five classic strokes – gliding, kneading, friction, vibration, and percussion movements, this treatment improves blood circulation, reduces muscle tension to relieve aches and pains and energizes the body.

60 Min. $70, 90 Min. $100

Thai-Swedish Combo Massage

It’s a unique combination of light and strong pressure. We start warming up the body with Thai massage followed by spreading our luscious organic massage oil, we then continue the session with some long relaxing strokes of Swedish Massage or Deep Tissue. The combination will relieve stressful lesions along the body and relaxes the muscles in your back, neck and shoulder.

60 Min. $70, 90 Min. $100

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia, also called connective tissue. Deep tissue massage uses many of the same movements and techniques as Swedish massage, but the pressure will generally be more intense. It is also a more focused type of massage, as the therapist works to release chronic muscle tension or knot.

60 Min. $80, 90 Min. $110

Reflexology Massage

A dynamic treatment that is based on the principles of Reflexology, linking the reflex zones on the feet to organs and systems in the body. Pressure is applied to various zones on the feet using the thumbs, fingers and palms to induce relief from pain, illness and stress. Combined with a nourishing cream, Oriental Foot Massage is particularly beneficial for the relief of tension headaches, poor circulation and a sluggish digestive system.

60 Min. $70, 90 Min. $100

Thai Herbal Ball

The Thai herbal ball treatment traditionally is a hot treatment. It is pressed along acupressure zones of the body in a series of motions that include: a pressing with steady downward pressure; a “rock ‘n roll,” or back and forth motion; a “rolling” or orbital circular motion; and a “dragging” motion which is used to increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage. The herbal ball is used in combination with traditional Thai or Swedish massage or as a tool to work on specific parts of the body that need special attention for muscular tightness or pain.

60 Min. $90, 90 Min. $140

Hot Stone Massage

Discover the benefits of hot stone therapy it provides deeper muscle and tissue relaxation. A technique that uses basalt stones placed on specific points in the body to help away knots and muscle tensions.

60 Min. $90, 90 Min. $140

Pregnancy Massage

Can be very helpful in treating back muscles that become sore and tense as they counter balance the extra weight in the abdominal area.

60 Min. $70, 90 Min. $100

Express Massage

Perfect Quick Fix 30 minutes of Thai Massage, Swedish Massage or Deep Tissue. This medium to firm pressure massage is designed to focus on the stressed muscles in particular areas of the back, shoulders, neck & head. Loosening up the tight muscles caused by busy modern lifestyles, this treatment will improve circulation, induce deep relaxation & ease away chronic muscular aches & pains.

30 Min. $50

Benefits of a Massage

• Decrease of chronic pain

• Improved sleep

• Relief from sore muscles

• Release of emotional and physical tension


• Reduction or elimination of back pain

• Improved body and mind awareness

• Strengthens immune system

• Better skin tone


• Increased energy

• Greater flexibility


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